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Doctor examining patient's feet and ankle

Foot Pain Treatments Available Today

For more information about our foot pain treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us at Complete Footcare Clinic. Call us today on 01483 564109.

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"I went to Max on the advice of my chiropractor as my right leg is about 2cm shorter than my left following a childhood accident. The assessment he gave me to work out the magnitude of the difference, and the treatment needed, was really thorough. He advised that I only needed heel lifts, not full orthotics, which he is fully qualified to provided, so I am confident he will never encourage you to spend more money than you need to. The heel lifts stopped me getting an ache in my lower back that I had suffered for years and, what was even more amazing to me, stopped persistent neck pain too.

This encouraged me to take up exercise again. Heel lifts are great for walking, but did not do all I needed once I was up on my toes doing more strenuous exercise. I went back to Max and he was really inventive in offering a solution for a way of fixing a removable lift to my shoes that raised me up front and back.  Now (with the help of a personal trainer to get my muscles back in balance) I have even taken up running! I would thoroughly recommend Max's advice. He is really interested in working out the right solution for you, and  has made such a difference to my life making me so much more comfortable day-to-day and helping me to get fit"


We are a member of The Royal College of Podiatry

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